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Download the new Option File Patch PESUniverse Option File v1 for efootball PES 2021 [PS4 version]!


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Full Version 2048

MEGA || 852.3 MB


password :


>> Click Here for the new Version 2048 & 1024 MIX <<

1024/2048 file with no image space issues



➼ Highest Quality Kits
➼ Correct Team Names
➼ Correct HD Emblems
➼ Correct Manager & Stadium Images
➼ Unrivaled Quality & Quantity
➼ Exclusive Leagues & Non-stop Updates


Credits to PESUniverse || Support them :


➼ And so much More!



V1 is fully in the HQ 2048 x 2048 Format. Due to a space restriction built into Edit Mode on PS4 (nothing we can do about it in game) this means, you will run out of space during installation if you import everything in V1. 


We advise you to only import what you want. For example, if you play a lot of myClub, and have no intention of ever using the SkyBet, don’t import the 2048 version. It takes up space you won’t ever use. We advise not to import the SkyBet or the La Liga 2 in 2048 as they will be added later today in 1024 and will fit perfectly. 



PES 2021 V1 – INSTALL – PS4


Before you start, make sure you have a program on your PC/MAC to extract the Option File (RAR File) which you can download this for free with a simple google search for ‘7zip’, ‘winzip’, ‘winrar free’, unarchiver or similar


1. Download the option file & then navigate to the download destination (downloads or desktop folder usually but this despends on your PC)

2. When downloaded, right click on the file and choose ‘Extract to WEPES’ and the file will extract in a few seconds

3. Insert your USB key into your PC/MAC. Right click on the USB icon and select Format if needed (make sure it is set to FAT32)

4. Now return to the WEPES Folder (the one you just extracted) & right click on the WEPES folder & select ‘copy’ & then return to the USB folder

5. Open up the USB folder (double click to go to the USB root) and simply paste the WEPES folder (right click then select paste)

6. This will now copy over so wait a few minutes. Once complete you should have an open folder on your USB called WEPES

7. Now eject the USB from your PC/MAC & and insert it into your PS4. Follow all the instructions until you can go to Edit Mode.

8. When you first start PES 2021, there will be an import tutorial, just follow the intructions before you proceed with importing the Option File.

9. Once in Edit Mode, navigate to Import/Export and select Import Team.

10. Now select All files (PS4 square button) & select ‘Go to Detailed Settings’ and then press OK (DO NOT TICK ANY BOXES HERE)

11. This will import everything except Bundesliga Players so relax for 5-10 minutes while it does its thing. Once completed, return to the import screen

12. Now select all Bundesliga Teams (do not select Schalke, Bayern & Bayer Leverkusen) National Teams & Brazilian teams ONLY

13. Tick both boxes “Players” & “Overwriting images” & then Import by pressing OK. Return to the main Edit Menu

14. Select Import Competition, select All files (PS4 square button) & Go to Detailed Settings’ and then press OK (DO NOT TICK ANY BOXES HERE)

15. Return to main Edit Menu & go to competition structure, reduce the draw size for the Bundesliga to 18 and swap the teams across from other euros


Sometimes you might get an error, do not worry, simply follow the steps again & reimport


Credits to PESUniverse || Support them :









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