PES 2018 SweetFX Presets 4K HDR10 [Downloads]

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New SweetFX Presets by Pimplo, it's recommended to use with High-End PC. Thanks to Pimplo !


How to install

1. Download & Extract

2. Copy folder ReShade and 2 files (dxgi.dll and ReShade.fx) to your game folder so it looks like:

..\Pro Evolution Soccer 2018\ReShade\

Note: dxgi.dll and ReShade.fx are outside the ReShade folder

3. Download preset from this page (download preset link bellow)

4. Rename it to SweetFX.cfg

5. Copy and replace to \Pro Evolution Soccer 2018\ReShade\

6. Enjoy PES 2018 :-)


How to uninstall

 Just delete these files:

- Folder "ReShade"
- dxgi.dll
- ReShade.fx


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