Sign up for WeHellas Cup #2 [PES 2014 PC]

Τhe 2nd online Tournament "WeHellas Cup" for PES 2014 in PC begins! The 2nd tournament will be conducted in the form of knockout matches (Best of 3) and the teams you are allowed to choose are Clubs.
Many participants asked to change teams so the choice of Cleb Teams is free now. The available spots for the WeHellas Challenge Cup #2 are only 32 and there is gonna be held a prority in those stating their intention to participate. More information you find here...

All communtiy members are eligible for the Tournament. Each player is to choose one team in his statement of participation and he is only alloed to play with that team for the duration of the tournament.

The participants can subbit their interest from Saturday the 28th of December (00:00) till Saturday the 6th of January at 12:00. To subbit your interest press the link: Sign Up


The draw will be held on Saturday the 6th of January at 13:00 and the matches will begin immediately after that and they are to end on the 30th of January.
Date Analysis for each round:

06/01 - 10/0 : Round of 32
11/01 - 15/01 : Round of 16
16/01 - 20/01 : Quarterfinals
21/01 - 25/01 : Semifinals
26/01 - 30/01 : The Final

Match Settings
Match duration: 10 minutes
Injuries: No
Condition: condition.png
Heart: heart.png
Ball Type: WE-PES 2014
Timeout: Large
Extension: No
Penalties: No
No. of Subs: 3

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