PES Rules [Everyone must obey them!]

Playing Pro Evolution Soccer with you buddies means you have to obey some rules... Each party of friends has its own "set of rules" of course, but there are some rules everyone must obey!

We managed to gather some of the most basic "unwritten" rules of the game and we present them to you here. You may fill your own rules and make your own comments below ...

Rule #1

You never misunderstand any joke and teasing that you may suffer while playing PES. It doesnt matter how hard your day was, if your girlfriend left you or you had a fight with your best buddy...
If you have taken three goals with no reply in the first 10 mins from Postiga, you deserve to be mocked! If you cant stand that much, play Angry Birds or Pacman.


Rule #2

Some settings in the game, will never change. It doesnt matter if with your friends back home you play 15 mins or you use the wide camera angle or whatever. The "real" PES, is beeing playing with 10 mins, default camera,injuries and the condition of players in random.


Rule #3

You dont pause whenever you want to....Generally you dont pause, unless on of these conditions is fulfilled: the house is on fire, there's been an earthquake,the ball is out or if the door bell rings and its the pizzas or the souvlkia, and this condition only in the case of no one else beeing available in the room to open the door.


Rule #4

In no way you are allowed to set your team for a whole 15 mins....When your oppenent has finished his team, it means you must any time now finish yours as well. If you are som much in to cinfiguring all settings in the game dont play PES, open Football Manager.


Rule #5

You do not watch the replay of any Goal you have just scored.... Its like having been with you friend's sister and then telling him "LOOK, LOOK"...

Exception to this of course, if the Goal beeing scored is of exceptional beauty and technique or something other extrodinary happened in the process.


Rule #6

You are not allowed to suddenly go all Tiki-Taka, Barcelona style to me or whatever you call it with your friends....I cant be trailing to one goal and then you suddenly playing tiki- taka with your defenders and your keeper.We play to win and we play to win with many goals difference or we dont play at all.


Rule #7

You are not allowed to call yourself a pro PES player when all you play with is Barcelona or Real Madrid.The beauty of the game is playing and winning with the midtable or smaller teams. With Messi and Ronaldo, even my nephew can score,and he is going to the kindergarten.


Rule #8

When you start a new cup its obvious you are gonna play the WHOLE cup...It doesnt matter if you are busy or you have work...You should have called it before we start....
Guys, that see themself loosing and cant stand that and wanna leave are despicable.


Rule #9

You are not allowed to make any refernce to FIFA. Who cares if this or that Goal would never go in, in your FIFA or if it has more options....
It is not even worth mentioning that if someone dares to say that FIFA is better than PES, he is automatically discarding his membership and is expelled from the party and is beeing replaced as soon as possible with a new member of sound mind and body.


Rule #10

You never throw the controller,either its yours or not...When you do such an action, you unnecessarily interrupt the game, which is something against the flow and logic of a PES game.


Rule #11

You do not celebrate own goals and generally lucky Goals...Something like that would be unfair to your oppenent who has struck by such a cruel twist of fate.


Rule #12

You never congratulate your opponent when he scores a Goal against you. The only thing you are allowed to do -and only in conditions like an extremely beautiful goal- is to simply state just this phrase "nice Goal" and then usually, you are allowed (if not enforced) to start shouting, yelling and swearing your defenders or your keeper.

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