AEK Athens PS4 kits by ratatouille [Downloads]


"Right Click" on the image and choose "Save as"


AEK Athens Logo

 AEK logo


Updated [25/9/2015]

AEK Athens Home kit 2015-16

AEK Athens Home


AEK Athens Away kit 2015-16

AEK Athens Away


AEK Athens 3rd kit 2015-16

AEK Athens 3rd


AEK Athens Goalkeeper kit 2015-16

AEK Athens GK

Credits: ratatouille


AEK Athens 2015-16 Roster for PES 2016 >> Click Here



Step One: Load up PES 2016 and go to Edit mode. From there, select import images, and copy the kits from the USB.

Step Two: Following that, enter the 'teams' section of Edit mode, choose a team, and select 'strip'. From there you'll be presented with home, away, and keeper kits. Pressing Square enables you to add a third kit.

Step Three: Find the kit you want to change, select it, and then choose the 'paste image' option. Navigate through your imported kits until you find the corresponding strip, and that's that.

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